The art of painting and visual arts has an important place in the program of our school.

It is enriched, supported and complemented by other arts such as music, sculpture, theater and singing.

Art expression should begin at very young ages.

The use of different tools, natural materials and different surfaces to create unique experiences for children, can lead them to the understanding of colors and shades.

Through the different techniques and styles, our children exercise their gross and fine motor skills, enrich their speech, develop mathematical concepts and get to know the work of famous painters.

The paintings come alive and we travel through their colors, their stories and together we also create our own.

At the same time, we organize events and collaborations with art galleries and museums in the form of visits or by borrowing museum equipment so that we can strengthen our program and enrich it with more experiences!



On the ONIRODROMIO, dreams begin. They are created through appropriate activities and the guidance of experienced teachers.... and they become a reality with the vehicle of emotional therapy!!!!

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