Lively voices, shining eyes, excitement... these are the expressions of our children that every year at Christmas and summer prepare for their "big show" at the theater!

But why do they like this process so much?

Because they are entertained by gaining new experiences and they express themselves through theatrical play, theatre, music, dance. It gives them the feeling of belonging to a group with a common goal and purpose as well as it helps a lot in their socializing skills.

According to the “Kindergarten Teacher's Guide of the Pedagogical Institute”, holidays are an integral part of the educational program because they contribute to the all-round development of the child.

Every year the play preparation differs because the developmental characteristics of the children's age, their abilities, their inclinations and their interests are taken into account. Although it seems like a tedious process, it is not. On the contrary, children and teachers escape from the school routine and renew themselves.

A key goal of every event is for children to understand concepts, gain knowledge and convey messages to them in an experiential way.

The teacher stands next to the children as a supporter and a guide. The teacher recognizes the personal inclinations of each child and wants each one of them to be actively involved in the process so as to strengthen the child’s self-image. The teacher also becomes an equal member of this group and is not afraid to make a fool of themselves. In this way, they will be able to strengthen their team and all of them together will experience the event with enjoyment. By doing so, those memories will be engraved in all children's souls so as -as the years go by- they will realize the repeated nature of the school year and will place themselves easier in space and time.

In this whole process, your role is equally important and valuable. The children should be encouraged. You should help them, if necessary, in learning their parts. Do not make unreasonable demands for more that they themselves are ready to do. You should have a feel for their emotions and not create additional stress to them.

From all the above we conclude that every school event creates the ultimate bond between school, child and family. Everyone feels important and everyone helps for the common goal which is none other than create a special day that will stay in the minds of everyone.

Even if a child expresses a concern, they will be motivated from their teacher and find alternative ways of participating in the event.

Our children are the protagonists of our lives!

Let's all together give them another reason to prove our trust for them! Surely the loud applause of pride for them, will follow them for many, many years!



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