Early diagnosis and rehabilitation of difficulties related to speech and learning have been included in our Daycare center - Kindergarten for the last 8 years. This initiative started both by the needs of the children themselves and by concerns from the parents.

The importance of early intervention is decisive, as it prevents the particular difficulties that prevent the smooth growth of the child. It also strengthens their personality and abilities, with the aim of harmoniously integrate the children into a new way of dealing with the situation. In the context of this specific intervention, the special educator -the speech therapist or the occupational therapist- designs a personalized program, adapted to the needs of the child, in order to gradually master school life. The therapeutic program is carried out by our specialized partners in the specially designed spaces of our school and at a time that does not burden the childs educational process in the classroom.


Children learn, develops and hone skills related to:

  • the correct articulation of phonemes
  • phonological awareness
  • grouping and classification
  • the prescriptive exercises
  • visual and auditory memory and differentiation
  • gross and fine motility
  • logical thinking
  • understanding and story telling
  • respecting boundaries and behavior
  • enhancing critical thinking skills
  • narrative with proper spatio-temporal coherence
  • visual motor coordination
  • daily skills


On the ONIRODROMIO, dreams begin. They are created through appropriate activities and the guidance of experienced teachers.... and they become a reality with the vehicle of emotional therapy!!!!

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