ONIRODROMIO, in addition to its experienced pedagogical team, collaborates also with experts from all specialties that focus on the growth and education of the children.

They are always close to the children and parents, and are able to guide, help and support in every way deemed necessary.


Are associates are:

  • Maria Matiatou- Pediatrician
  • Andreas Petropoulos- Developmentologist
  • Katerina Skapetorachi - Psychologist
  • Kelina Papadopoulou- Speech Therapist
  • Alex Savoulian- Occupational Therapist
  • Eleni Geraki - Music teacher
  • Kelly Hasioti – Tennis coach
  • BettyDimakou- Ballet teacher
  • Sofia Perifanou- Muay Thai Coach
  • Efi Galanopoulou- Zumba teacher
  • Training team from AquaLife swimming pool


On the ONIRODROMIO, dreams begin. They are created through appropriate activities and the guidance of experienced teachers.... and they become a reality with the vehicle of emotional therapy!!!!

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