The school premises where children are accommodated must be appropriate for their age and their needs.

Let's think that, until children get integrated into a school environment, they live in their family “bubble”, with their own things and knick-knacks and are used to the warmth of “their own home”. Therefore, the place where their big everyday-life change will take place, the NURSERY, is the first outside of the family experience and must be designed to create the feeling of security and trust that every child needs.

The place that accommodates KINDERGARTEN children should be quite similar to the place that the child goes through later, i.e. the Primary school. For that reason, the furniture (tables, chairs, cupboards, etc.) all the toys and educational stimuli must be appropriate and give the child opportunities for proper learning, education, entertainment and creativity.


Taking the above into account, our buildings are optimized with:

  1. Rooms depending on the age of the children
  2. Child-appropriate proportions
  3. Flexible spaces that allow modifications according to our educational needs
  4. Certified and ecological materials (paints, floors, etc.)
  5. An alarm system for the safety of the premises
  6. 24-hour surveillance cameras
  7. Excellent technological systems (e.g. interactive boards)


We designed all the school spaces in order for children to make a reality their own dreams!


On the ONIRODROMIO, dreams begin. They are created through appropriate activities and the guidance of experienced teachers.... and they become a reality with the vehicle of emotional therapy!!!!

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