Our Philosophy

"The most important goal of education is for children to acquire the skills they need, not just for their survival, but also for the total development of their social, emotional and cognitive abilities. "LifeSkillEducation" (LifeSkillEducation), or otherwise "Education in Individual and Social Skills", aims in this direction -at a school that promotes Health" (WHO, 1993).

The emotional education of children is a vital part of their education. Our premises cultivate socio-emotional skills and are connected to the content that emerges through children's participation in various kinds of activities that help develop emotions and understand values, attitudes and behaviors.

The quality lifestyle, both individual and social, that will be formed, will determine the relationship of the individuals with themselves and the rest of the environment.

Our Emotional Intelligence and ADHD programs for Kindergarten children, creates innovative experiential activities. Cooperation with parents (parental involvement), appropriate supervisory material, involvement with Art, educational visits, etc. make the thematic approaches more complete and effective.

Planning, organization, the premises, media, gatherings, images, nature, body and movement, conversations and words make the journey to knowledge more magical, more beautiful!!!

Our experienced teachers, along with continuous training, aim to create the appropriate environment, so that children are given the opportunity to express themselves, find solutions to problems and conflicts, discuss their choices and understand the emotion and where others are coming from.

Our educators also have to get to know each child as well as possible, thus collect information from the family environment and study the effects the child receive from it. Only then can they see it as a unique personality.

In addition, they create a separate positive relationship with each child, because only in this way will each child develop a positive self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence.

According to Gottman (2000) parents need to learn how to raise their children with emotional intelligence so as to limit intra-family conflicts and behavioral problems from them. In an effort to achieve such a task, our teachers, our psychologist and our therapeutic team become helpers for the families through group gatherings, seminars, individual appointments and individual evaluations.

So everyone's goal is for children to make the best possible use of their potential in order to feel happier, more creative and more able to meet the demands of society.


On the ONIRODROMIO, dreams begin. They are created through appropriate activities and the guidance of experienced teachers.... and they become a reality with the vehicle of emotional therapy!!!!

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